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Innovative and cost-effective solutions to grow your business.

Kwiko is a direct response to the need of the hour: fast solutions and innovative formulations to facilitate a rapidly digitally transforming work ecosystem and support specific industries undergoing digitization. With our platform, you will have quick and seamless access to all the products and services you could possibly need to boost your business’ development and evolution within its target market. Think growth, scaling, customer acquisition, marketing – we’ve got the tools and the experts to cover it all!

Your journey to success starts here.

Startup Guru

Startup Guru is Kwiko’s anticipated star product as it was created to assist and empower new players venturing into the ever-growing and booming—both locally and globally—startup ecosystem.

Our team of experts and mentors at Startup Guru are driven by their mission to help startups take off, grow, and flourish in their individual arenas. With guidance and assistance at every milestone, Startup Guru guarantees success to every startup that comes its way.

All you need is an idea—we will help you map it out into a workable business model and build your company from the ground up.

With Startup Guru at your side, you can expect:

4 Factors That Can Affect Startup Success

  • Detailed consultations leading to the drafting of well-rounded and effective market-launch strategies.
  • Collaborative sessions to create an attractive and efficient social media setup that elevates an individualized brand voice and best echoes the company’s offering and messaging.
  • Complete ownership of the many processes involved in the design and build of ecommerce platforms, specifically addressing the sales aspect of a business.
  • Consistent efforts to help startups navigate through their launch phase and then assist them as they continue onwards on their growth and upscaling journey.

Startup Guru is charged by the use of the following softwares and platforms:

Lead Genie

Lead Genie is a special product offered by Kwiko that focuses on pursuing potential clients and customers for a company The team behind Lead Genie is motivated to treat each client’s business as their own and pursue leads aggressively. Their plan of action revolves around winning over the trust and approval of potential clients whose interest in a company needs nurturing to eventually culminate in sales.

With Lead Genie at your aid, you won’t need an enchanted lamp to work its magic on your business. Lead Genie will grant you:

4 Factors That Can Affect Startup Success

  • A team dedicated to monitoring a company’s online platforms to identify interested customers and potential clients that engaged with the business’ virtual resources.
  • A hassle-free way to acquire a comprehensive lead generation strategy put together after a thorough study of the business and the customers it hopes to attract.
  • A clever formula for lead generation marketing that will work to convert visitors on the company’s online marketing material and virtual platforms into customers.
  • A skilled team for producing highly clickable calls-to-action and for nurturing leads via cold-calling.

Creative Studio

Creative Studio is an exclusive Kwiko product designed to model and perfect the various design elements that can make or break a business. Our studio delivers creative design solutions that help companies outshine competitors in highly competitive, burgeoning, and growing markets.

The unique solutions offered by Kwiko’s Creative Studio are devised to reinforce a strong brand identity and emphasize company promises in a way that resonates with target customer demographics.

With Creative Studio managing the creative choices for your business, you can be assured that:

4 Factors That Can Affect Startup Success

  • The team at Creative Studio will conceptualize and execute all the creative aspects of a brand to be in tune with the company’s business and brand message.
  • Each client company will be given a distinctive identity through specialized website and social media designs and a distinguished and eye-catching brand logo.
  • Customized product design will be a prime focus, as our team of skilled creatives will conduct a thorough research to understand the target customer base, study their needs, brainstorm ways to enhance the product design, and then build prototypes of the product accordingly.
  • Each design element will be scrutinized and tested over a period of time to see whether it’s yielding the desired outcomes of heightened customer engagement and increased sales; and then design changes and modifications will be made to better fit the company’s requirements and help it meet its projected goals.

Creative Studio is stocked  with the following tools:

Kwiko’s in-house products may be accessed in conjunction with Kwiko’s wide range of solutions to produce a business that is market-ready, brimming with high-growth potential, cost-effective in its operations, efficient in its offering and delivery, and highly scalable.